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Good Day! I’m posting this later than usual but I wasn’t sure I could post at all as, a few days ago, I had a TBI Incident. There was an amusing brain game on Social Media, I tried it, and am now adding amusing brain games to the list of activities Kate can no longer do post-brain injury.

With my synapses reeling and my brain down for maintenance (copious amounts of sleep and trying not to think too much while awake) I have to postpone the next installment in my study of Isaiah 45:7. With high hopes for continuing next week, I offer this poem for your enjoyment.

I wrote it years ago when I had passed through most of the stages of grief but, instead of coming to acceptance, I was more at resignation. Something needed to change. I was tired of my “oh poor me” thoughts and decided to take stock of my blessings. There were more than I thought once I started counting and, greatest of all, the Holy Spirit had not left me because I was now disabled. Perhaps that sounds silly but it was an important revelation for me. This damaged body was still His temple, I was still one with Jesus, and I was still loved by the Father. Knowing that is my greatest blessing.

Love Letter

A love poem from me to You
Is what I am striving to write
But the words will not come-the words will not flow
And I know I'll be at this all night.
What is it exactly I'm trying to say
That hasn't been said once before?
Perhaps there is nothing, nothing at all
But I'll not sleep without trying once more.
I long to tell you of all in my heart
And I'm not sure just where to begin
So I'll start with I love you, a good place I think
And I'm grateful I'm redeemed from sin.
I am grateful also for so many more things
That I'm walking and talking and wielding my pen
For You've blessed me so much, even more than I know
That I can't but give thanks once again.
I can tell You I'm awed that the Creator of all
Would care so much about me
That He'd choose the cross and face so much pain
Knowing it would mean setting me free.
So I thank you so much for the blood that You shed
For the relationship I have with You
And I'll show all I love You as much as I can
Because,really, what else can I do?