About Me

Hello and welcome to Renaissance Woman!  My name is Kate and this blog is not at all going the way I thought it would.  I took a two year hiatus due to some health issues and, before I started posting again, I prayed that Jesus would do with it whatever He wanted.  I suppose I ought to expect His plans would not necessarily follow mine.  For example, I have yet to do my post on the Hittites.

Life lived in union with the Father, in the Son, and through the Holy Spirit is awesome.  I want to share how awesome it is, if such a thing can be put into words.  I want to share the God of Love revealed in Jesus and who the apostle John describes in his letters: the God I know.  I am learning more and more about Him every day and I want to share that as well.  I hope my posts bless you.


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  1. Ha! I used to use my Strong’s Concordance too.


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