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Photo by Walter Strong
I went out walking
Late at night
The moonlight
Was so bright
My shadow walked beside me.
I needed time for thinking
And I sought
A good spot
But I could not
Make out the stars above me.
Too many lights glowing
Mankind's tries
To lighten skies
Blinding my eyes
To the beauty I might see.
It set me wondering
Of thoughts enshrined
By a Darkened Mind
In attempt to find
An image of who we might be.

If You're a sun burning
Living Fire
We can desire
But would expire
If we dared to approach You;
Are we the moon hanging
High overhead
Utterly dead
Our light instead
One that is endued?
Or are we stars shining
Containers of light
Pinpricks in the night
Scattered but bright
Each with our own hue?

I see the day dawning
No more night
To our sight
You the light
The only one we can see.
A glimmer of understanding
What is true
Us made anew
An image of You
Our light born in unity.

Haste this Day's coming
With all restored
In one accord
And You adored
O, Great Father of lights!