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Image by Jackson David from Pixabay

The calendar is about to switch to a New Year. It’s the time of resolutions and, while I am not someone who has ever made many resolutions, I have been thinking about the direction of my blog. I cannot see that anything will change in 2022. I long to know God better for myself and to share what I learn here. New posts will start again next week but, until then, enjoy this poem.

This poem is intended to give a sense of the relationship at the heart of God and how we Believers partake of that relationship.


I wake and find

I am in the midst of the dance

Hand in hand

‘Round and ’round

Moving through

Spirit Sound

Thou the lead

Guiding me

Perfect step


Don’t belong

In this place

Not dressed for

Spirit Space

In Love’s eyes



Renewed me

No more rags

But transformed

With bride clothes

Now adorned

Crown of Life

On my head

Symbol of

Thy blood shed

Love’s purpose

Thou in me


I in Thee

Spirit Birthed


We will have this dance forever