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You speak to me and bring forth Life
The hidden seed is quickening
My barren ground is thus transformed
As I burst forth in wondrous Spring

Summer comes with sudden storms
And brings intensifying heat
Both are necessary for
Without them fruit would not be sweet

Then comes the harvest time
The ripened fruit-it satisfies
Though what is reaped is bountiful
I anticipate darkening skies

My world turns dark and cold and gray
Impossible to bring forth fruit
But though it looks blanketed in death
Nothing quenches the Life in the Root

Seasons change-I know it’s time
I wait for fruit with burgeoning pride
But instead here comes the Husbandman
Branches are pruned and cast aside

My Father God, in You I trust
I cling to You through all this pain
I know You prune to increase fruit
Not one of these seasons are in vain

Bring me to that glorious day
When pruned and purged and purified
All I am images You
And You alone are glorified