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Welcome to Renaissance Woman and the first post of 2023!

I will be continuing my study of Isaiah 45:7 in the upcoming weeks but, for today, I am sharing a poem. This poem is inspired by one of my all time favorites: [i carry your heart with me (i carry it in] by E.E. Cummings. You can read it here.

My Love, we've counted down another year
As years are measured by the clock
Time has come to remember and
Spend a moment taking stock
Of where we've been and where we are
How far we've come and have yet to go
To make a brand-new resolution
Though what may come I cannot know.

My Love, we've ascended heights
Far above all I could have dreamt
But lows there have been as well
Traversing them left me spent
You, My Love, were always with me
You led, You guided, sustained, upheld
I must admit-as I look back-
There's been no good thing You've withheld.

My Love, I look to this new year
One resolution only can there be
And that is to not resolve at all
Because I do not know-I cannot see
No resolution-I choose Your rest
For I do know this one thing is true
Day by day, age to age,
You bring me deeper into You.

The wonder is we are never apart
I am carried in Your heart-I carry You in my heart.