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Meditation From A Bridge
I stand alone and listen
To the water rushing
Over obstacles it's flowing
Ever onward it is heading
Wherever it will go
If only time were not a river
In one direction surging
From past to future moving
Every instant carrying
Passed mistakes of long ago
If I could ride that river backwards
To those mistakes I am wishing
I had the option of fixing
Certain I could knowing
Everything I now know
I stand and watch the water
This is idle thinking
New mistakes I would be making
Besides time is ongoing
I cannot reverse the flow.

Your peace is like a river
Ever swelling
Never ceasing
In Your showing
Though the past is set in stone
And I cannot hope to change it
My way You were attending
Your promise You were keeping
Even though I was unseeing
I was not alone
You were always with me
In this joining
There's no hindering
Your redeeming
You have made my past Your own
Your peace the greater river
The flow revealing
You give meaning
The past measuring
Just how much I have grown.

Life in You is like a river
First the wading
Then the swimming
Then the full immersing
As you carry me along
I am surrounded by the water
Truest living
All consuming
Perfect cleaning
Of all I have done wrong
Your Spirit is the water
He's imbuing
And renewing
Then He's teaching
Words of a new song
In this river of Your life
Constant flowing
Forever growing
Eternal knowing
In You is where I belong.