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I wonder as I wander
Seeking no specific place
There are many things to ponder
I want the sun upon my face
As I head hither and yonder
I find I'm still in Spirit Space
And I wonder as I wander
How You'll help me run this race

I wander as I wonder
Why I didn't have a clue
This duress I have been under
Had nothing at all to do with You
With my misperceptions rent asunder
I can clearly see what's true
Those things that we call wonders
Are things only You can do

Be still and know that I Am God
The words have come through loud and clear
I find the commandment rather odd
Because I know You're more than near
You are with me in this body
Which is Holy Spirit dwelling sphere
But I'll be still and know my God
And wonder where we'll go from here

No longer do I wander
I'm guided by each word You say
Stillness is not time I squander
Because You teach me how to pray
My desire's not to maunder
From this path I will not stray
No longer do I wander
When I'm walking in The Way