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I spoke-at once the words were gone
I formed and said them without thought
I wished that they could be withdrawn
I had not behaved as I ought
My words had not been trustworthy
I looked at myself in disgust
O Holy One who maketh me
Please remember I am dust
Can something still be called a lie
If it is one merely implied?
My feelings say it can and I
Desperately want to run and hide
From the sight of The One who saw it all
And how much I've come up short
O Holy One-don't let me fall
Remind me You are my support
I anticipate some punishment
Or some penance I must do
So I come with my head bent
And find nothing there but You
Your arms are tight about me
You strengthen me to start anew
O Holy One how can it be
I am so loved by You?
Most High Lord of all creation
You give Your blessings day by day
There is no guilt or condemnation
You wash all my sins away
With You I can face all I must
Because Your Spirit lives in me
O Holy One faithful and just
In You I now live righteously!