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A poem inspired by Hebrews 1:1-2


Jesus, Lord of my Beginning
Origin of all I see
Hear me as I cry to You
Come beside and comfort me
Tell me who I truly am
Remind me of the name I lost
Keep my heart anchored in Yours
Because on rough waves I am tossed.

Jesus, Lord of all my Wanderings
God of the Middle too
Upholding all things with Your Word
Nothing exists outside of You
Lead me through this present darkness
Illuminate me with Your Light
Hide me in Your Secret Place
Where there is found no more night.

Jesus, Lord of where I’m Ending
All Creation rests in You
Show me more than merest inkling
Tell me all that You will do
Speak words of Consuming Fire
That will cleanse and purify
Pull me close and keep me sheltered
As we live life eye to eye.

Show me who I’m meant to be
So You alone I glorify.