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A friend of mine posted the #selflovechallenge.  It feels a little weird to be saying positive things about myself but, lately, I’ve been striving to change both how I think and speak about myself.  So, I accept the challenge to say three positive things about myself.

I have a calming presence: I attended a work retreat recently where my co-workers and I did an activity where we taped pieces of paper to each others backs and wrote compliments on them.  This was one compliment I received that meant the most to me.  I have focused on having a calm mind; doing less aggressive exercise and meditating on my favorite scriptures.  That someone else feels calm around me means the world to me.

I Have A Great Sense of Humor:  I like to laugh and making others laugh is equally enjoyable.  I have made it a rule never to exercise my sense of humor at someone else’s expense: a joke can’t be enjoyed of one person is made to feel foolish.  I hope I succeed.  My family seems to like me.

I Am True To Myself: This was another highly valued compliment I received at the retreat.  Being true to myself is a difficult thing.  What will people think if I say/do this?  What will they say about me?  To stiffen my spine to do what I believe to be right, despite snide and hateful comments, is hard for someone who wants to please people and wants everyone to like her.  I know such a goal is impossible and living to please others is a miserable existence.  I do not wish to offend anyone but I do focus on living my life doing what I believe to be right.  That someone else sees this in me is encouraging.

There.  Three positives.  Anyone else?  What do you like about yourself?  I would love to know.