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How it feels
Like freefall
There is nothing I can do
I am plummeting toward the ground
With nothing to grab onto
Yet I feel You all about me
The only One I can cling to
I remind myself I chose to jump
And fall deeper into You

How it feels
Like limbo
I'm in a vague and formless place
I see shadow forms around me
But cannot discern a trace
Of the path I thought would be so clear
When I chose to run this race
But I know You are always with me
I can rest in Your embrace

How it feels
Please heed my appeal
My world is wildly rocking
Return me to an even keel
Remind me I am close beside You
Love me, hold me, and reveal
It is only with my eyes on You
I can perceive what is real

How it feels
I to You and You to me
I am aware of Your presence
Despite all my uncertainty
I resolve to trust in You
For You are my assurity
You will guide me ever onward
And give me eyes to see