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Some of the best poetry ever written appears in the Bible in the Song of Songs: the Song of Solomon. One of my favorite lines is SOS 6:4; Thou art beautiful, My Love, as Tirzah. There’s something musical about it and, while musing on it, I wrote this poem.

Love Song

Thou art beautiful, My Love

There is none to compare to Thee

Thy face shines upon me

I am amazed

Thou art gentle as doves, My Love

There is none like Thee

Thy love surrounds me

I am awed

Thou art water to my soul, My Love

There is none beside Thee

Thy hands hold me

I am safe

Thou art my desire, My Love

There is none over Thee

Thy heart calls to me

I am consumed

Thou hast prepared a place, My Love

You bring me to Thee

Thy blood has bought it for me

I am loved

Thou hast written my name, My Love

There it reads before Thee

Thy book is opened for me

I am known